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Parker Brent is a Registered Training Organisation that specialises in training programs for the Building and Construction Industry, since 2008. Parker Brent’s objective is to teach people working in the Building and Construction Industry and those looking to enter the industry to upgrade their skills and qualifications to further their careers.

We also provide assistance to people wishing to gain the qualifications, skills and confidence to apply to become a Registered Building Practitioner (RBP) hence gain their Builder’s Licence. Ultimately, Parker Brent aims to develop people in the Building and Construction Industry to become great builders / contractors, or successful professionals in building and construction organisations.

We understand that employees and employers in the Building and Construction Industry have unique training requirements, so we have developed training and education programs to satisfy these requirements. Each of our training programs are delivered by experienced trainers using quality learning resources.

By undertaking training with Parker Brent, people build construction skills for their future career.


With Parker Brent students can:

  • Acquire Nationally Recognised Qualifications in the Building and Construction Industry
  • Develop and upgrade their skills and knowledge in building and construction management
  • Prepare themselves with skills and knowledge that contribute towards becoming a Registered Building Practitioner


Our choice of qualifications offer key knowledge to those seeking to develop their supervision, management and technical skills, and for those wishing to gain industry credentials.

The qualifications we offer include:


Training at Parker Brent is:

  1. Nationally Recognised throughout Australia
  2. Supported with quality learning resources
  3. Delivered by qualified and experienced trainers who specialise in Building and Construction
  4. Offered regularly via instructor led online live classes
  5. Ideal for individual and company-wide professional development



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