3 Tips To Manage Study

As a Trainer and Assessor, I’ve seen lots of student excel in their chosen Building and Construction course.


So, what’s their secret?


The answer is simple! They have clear goals and a prepared to commit the time and the effort needed to succeed. Most importantly, they believe in their ability to complete the course.


In my own experience, nothing really worthwhile comes easy. You have to be well organised and prepared to work hard for it.

Here are three helpful tips to manage your study:


1. At the beginning of the course, draw up a weekly schedule that allocates specific time for research and assignment tasks, as well as work, social, leisure, meals and sleep. Negotiate with special others in your life to set aside study time. Make an appointment with yourself in your calendar as a reminder for your study time. Fight procrastination – it is your enemy – start on time and complete the task. Don’t be thrown by questions you don’t understand or information you can’t find – that’s where your Trainer can assist you.



2. Create a supportive work space to study in.  If you already have a home office, clear everything off the work surface except for your laptop/external drive, phone and one object that you find highly motivating. At Parker Brent, you are given residential and commercial plans to support your studies. Pin some of these up in your work space where they and your weekly schedule can be seen to emphasise the world you are or want to work in. Check that lighting and airflow is good and keep the space clean. If you have kids or teenagers remind them they should be studying too. Have the reference library that you are establishing as part of the course within easy reach.




3. Celebrate when you work has been deemed competent by the Trainer. When you complete a course unit, let your special others know – thank them for being supportive and helpful. Talk to people already working in the Building and Construction Industry. Imagine what you’ll be doing in five to ten years, and constantly remind yourself, especially when you get tired, how doing the course is such a valuable stepping stone to getting there.



These helpful tips have been prepared by Peter Kavan, Parker Brent Trainer and Assessor.



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