4 Pro Tips To Nail Your Next Renovation Project

Renovating can improve the liveability and sustainability of your home with careful planning, thoughtful design and a considered choice of contractor.


Here are four tips from a renovating pro to help you nail your next project:


1. Understand Your Needs

Before proceeding with your dream renovation, know first what you want to include. Renovation covers a lot of areas, from changing cabinet handles to straight-up building a new deck for your home. Do you need to expand your kitchen? An extra bathroom or bedroom? Would you like to build a home office in the attic? Identify your needs first and foremost. Don’t be concerned about budget and how it is to be built – leave that to the experts.


2. Contact A Reliable Contractor & Obtain An Estimate

No matter how big your planned renovation may be, contracting a reputable contractor is always a wise thing to do. Contractors have the knowledge, as well as the network to help you build your brand new home or renovate your existing home. A contractor that is committed to providing quality service and building client relationships is one you should be looking for. The right contractor also gives honest pricing and a fair quotation about the cost of your renovation. Show your contractor what your needs are as identified in step 1. Let them tell you the options on how to build it for you. Still not sure? Then obtain a second opinion. Whilst you’re there, ask for a price range, ensure that fits within your budget before proceeding further.


3. Contracting & Planning

Now that you’ve worked out your needs and have an idea on your budget, detail exactly what you’d like the contractor to do, and then what you’re going to do. Put it together in a scoping document, that way you know exactly what the contractor is doing and what you’re doing. Hand the document over to the contractor and ask for a FIRM price (a price that is fixed). Remember that any quotation greater than $5,000 (including GST) must be followed up with a Domestic Building Contract. Ask for a schedule of works, and make sure it is documented within the contract.


4. Project Management

Always keep on top of things by seeing the works being undertaken yourself. If there is any issue with the contractor you should raise it with them. Get it out in the open before it get’s too far into the project. Raising issues upfront ensures that you get what you’ve asked for in the scoping document. Be sure to take photos and deliver any requests to the contractor in writing (email is great!).


These are just a few tips to help you with a successful renovation. For more information on contractors, building contracts and project management check out our full range of training courses or read more from our blog.



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