Advice for students studying the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)

We recently chatted with Parker Brent Trainer and Assessor, Stuart Rash about what advice he’d give to students studying the CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) course.

Here’s what he had to say:


The three top areas of advice I can’t stress enough about, from the very beginning, are to start:


  • Developing your ‘Business Plan’ and
  • Your ‘Network’… NOW!


These two things are going to be used constantly and will become your best mates forever. The third is:


  • Information sharing.



This is not only the most important part of running a successful building business, but will also help your personal and family life blossom. Behind any successful business/family is a plan that has been created and used as a guide. The poor unsuccessful businesses/builders/families are the ones that neglect to plan and then adjust to suit changes. Being on top of things can lead to success with a good work/home balance.



I have been in the building industry over 30 years now and can still call on any of the trades/suppliers that I have worked alongside, as I treat everyone the way I want to be treated. They offer the same in return. This also effects the style of building and clientele you attract. Your network will grow over your career and the more you put in, the more you will get out.



Listen and take in every bit of information and experience that comes your way, I guarantee you will reflect on these over the course of this training. Other people’s experiences are more recognisable and memorable that just straight reading of text. Share with your classmates as they are the beginning of your network.


Good luck and always remember, “if in doubt, ask”!