Construction Jobs In Demand

Job advertisements in Australia are increasing which means more job opportunities are available, with the construction and property industries showing the biggest overall rise in demand.


Data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) indicated that there was growth in the construction industry for key staff and tradespeople. This recent ABS report states that the number of people employed in the construction industry has grown by 18,300 in the February quarter to reach record heights of 1.065 million – around 35,000 more than the same period one year ago, and up by 60,000 over the past two years.


On SEEK in April there were 2.7% more new roles advertised compared to April 2015. Victoria and New South Wales are the largest employing states with Victorian job roles up by 4.4% since last year.


The professional job roles are in top demand. These roles include Project Managers, Site Managers, Contract Managers and Administrators, and Forepersons. Whilst tradespeople such as general and civil labourers, carpenters, plumbers, licensed electricians and sheet metal workers are also in high demand.


The need for workers is being driven by high levels of building activity in the residential construction sector. Recently, the nation has broken ground with a record of 220,060 new houses and apartments in 2015, and 200,000 new homes and dwellings set for 2016. Whilst building activity is still at a high level, employment in the construction is still set to grow.


The recent Hays Quarterly Report states that employers are focusing more on staff retention and are willing to fast track promotions in order to retain staff. Leading Hands, for example, are increasingly able to develop in their roles and be promoted to a Foreperson, who can then grow in their role to that of a Site Manager.


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