Domestic Builder Limited – Cabinet Making, Joinery and Stair Construction

What work can be undertaken by a Domestic Builder (limited to cabinet making, joinery and stair construction)?


This limited class of domestic building work is limited to cabinet making, joinery and stair construction for homes. It involves the manufacture, assembly and installation of a range of joinery and joinery products, including cabinets, cupboards, shelving and fitments.



What experience is required to apply to become a Domestic Builder (limited to cabinet making, joinery and stair construction)?


For all domestic building work, general experience is required. You can find more information regarding the general experience required in our ‘What General Experience is Required for Registration as a Domestic Builder‘ blog.


For registration in this class you will also need to demonstrate you have the capacity to carry out, manage or arrange the following activities with a high level of competence and professionalism:


Cabinet Making work

  • estimating the costs of cabinet making work
  • measuring and calculating the materials and site installation location
  • preparing cutting lists from job specification
  • construction cabinets and components on site and making adjustments when required


Joinery work

  • manufacturing, assembly and installing:
    • doors and windows
    • components for door and window frames, doors and sashes, and stairs
    • joinery unit components
  • preparing surfaces and applying paint and other finishes for joinery
  • cutting and installing glass for joinery
  • using aluminium, including fabrication, assembly and construction of frameworks
  • manufacturing aluminium grills and louvres stair construction
    • construction stairs including:
      • setting out, manufacturing, assembling and installing different internal stair types and their components. Different stair types can include straight flighted, curved and geometric, and they may be constructed of timber and non-timber materials
      • manufacturing stair components, including stringers, treads, rises, wedges, balusters, newels, nosings, glue blocks, wreaths and scrolls
      • assembling and installing stairs and stair components on site


In addition to the general experience and work experience, applicants are recommended to hold prescribed qualifications as mentioned in our ‘Pathways to Builders Registration‘ blog.


To find out more information on your pathways towards Builders Registration or the CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) qualification contact Parker Brent on 1300 773 737 or send us a web enquiry or email


Source: Victorian Building Authority