Domestic Builder Limited – Framing

What work can be undertaken by a Domestic Builder (limited to framing)?


As a Domestic Builder (limited to framing) you can take on domestic building work which is limited to framing for homes and associated class 10 structures. The work includes fabricating, erecting and bracing wall frames, which includes both load bearing and non-load bearing walls frames. The work also includes the erection and replacement of roof trusses.


The framing stage of construction provides the structural integrity of a building and is present in all residential dwellings. Framing is construction for all of the main elements of all buildings: the floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. It is typically referred to as lightweight framing and involves the use of timber or lightweight metal and the installation of fabricated steel elements.


What experience is required to apply to become a Domestic Builder (limited to framing)?


For all domestic building work, general experience is required. The type of general experience is outlined in our blog ‘What General Experience is Required for Registration as a Domestic Builder ?‘.


In addition to the general experience, you would also need to be able to demonstrate that you can carry out, manage or arrange the following activities with competence and to a professional standard:


  • undertaking all required planning and preparation for works, including setting out, marking, measuring, cutting and fabricating timber and metal wall frames
  • connecting and bracing frames according to design specifications
  • preparing, fabricating and installing framing support work associated with glazing
  • constructing and erecting timber and metal wall framing and roof structures
  • constructing and installing subfloor framing, including bearers, joists and stumps
  • installing window and door frames
  • erecting ceilings
  • erecting subfloor framing
  • installing sheet flooring
  • placing roof trusses
  • assembling and erecting partition frames


In addition to the general and work specific experience, it is recommended that applicants hold prescribed qualifications as mentioned in our ‘Pathways to Builders Registration‘ blog.


To find out more information about your pathway towards becoming a Registered Building Practitioner or the CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) qualification contact Parker Brent on 1300 773 737 or send us a web enquiry.