Handy Tips To Manage Work And Study

Having a full time job or running your own business requires planning and prioritisation. What about adding study into the mix?


Studying can give you the next much-needed step on your career path: you will learn new skills to implement in your workplace or business, find new opportunities and develop your interests. However, it’s the added workload that some students do find challenging despite it being very rewarding. Managing work and study at the same time requires planning, time management and dedication.


We’ve put together these handy tips to help you manage your work and study commitments:


1.  Set Goals

Setting goals is a great way to give yourself direction, focus and motivation. Think about what you need to do and want to do with your time. You can get started by deciding on your goals and putting together a plan of how you’ll achieve them. A helpful tip is to break them down into smaller sub-goals. This helps you recognise and celebrate when you’ve made progress but also helps you stay motivated to achieve the overall goal.


2.  Project Plan

It may help you to write all the things down which you need to do to complete the project and then prioritise what is most important. This can help you gain direction and form a timeline.


3.  Be Organised

Keep track of what you’ve got on and when. Know when your assignments are due and allow yourself time to complete them. You’ll produce higher quality work when you put time and effort in, plus you’ll also gain and learn more when you can focus.


4.  Be Flexible

Sometimes things pop up and take you by surprise. You may find you need to re-adjust your goals, work or study plan to fit in with the changes.


5.  Balance Your Time

Having a balance of activities in your life may help you from burning out. Make sure you find time to relax, be active, catch up with mates and spend time with family. Spending time relaxing and re-energising yourself may help you become more productive at work and with study.


6.  Talk To Someone

It’s not uncommon to have lots of things we need to get done. Sometimes you may find it hard to balance your commitments and may require extra time to get things done. If you are finding it hard to manage your time and commitments, talk to your trainer or contact our Student Welfare team.


Remember that everyone learns differently, so it’s beneficial to work out how you learn best and find what works for you.



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