How do I get into Construction in Australia?

The construction industry is one of the largest and fast-growing in the Australian economy. Many look to the significant depth and variance of jobs that can be attained, which can differ quite a lot in many aspects. From a carpenter and electrician, to a project manager and professional builder, there is certainly a lot to offer. 


Despite this, it can be relatively difficult for some to understand where to begin in construction, as information is vast and not all the same. Here, we will try to simplify things in order to answer this important question: how does one get into construction in Australia?


Consulting industry members


Anecdotal evidence and advice is understated, especially when it comes to construction. If you know someone with any kind of experience in construction, they can be helpful in alleviating concerns and explaining processes for entering the industry. A bonus is if you have contacts with many different people in the industry, as discoursing with these individuals will provide you with larger scope to draw knowledge from to make better informed decisions on how best to begin your building and construction journey.


Learn about the different roles available


As the construction industry is as large as it is interesting, it is doubly important to become aware of the different jobs that are typically sought after, such as:


  • Joiner
  • Project Manager 
  • Construction manager
  • Project Estimator
  • Surveyor


Like many others in construction, these roles aren’t all the same, and diverge significantly. For example, a Joiner mainly deals with timber which is then used for constructing buildings. Contrasting this, a surveyor’s purpose is to inspect buildings and other structures to ensure they are fit for purpose. Hence, it is imperative to research what types of jobs are on the market, particularly if you want to specialise in a certain area.


Enrol in accredited courses


Of course, working in construction isn’t as simple as starting off on practical work. Like many other industries, education is an overriding factor in succeeding in the construction industry. Australia follows the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), which is used to separate qualifications in education and training, classified as levels. There are 10 Levels in the AQF, and are as follows:


  • Level 1: Certificate I
  • Level 2: Certificate II
  • Level 3: Certificate III
  • Level 4: Certificate IV
  • Level 5: Diploma
  • Level 6: Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree
  • Level 7: Bachelor Degree
  • Level 8: Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma
  • Level 9: Masters Degree
  • Level 10: Doctoral Degree


In construction, entrants begin studying anywhere from Certificate I to IV. A common starting point for many is Certificate IV, because it provides numerous advanced learning objectives early on, whilst saving time by bypassing the traditional route of completing a Certificate I first. The Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) is most representative of this. 


Additionally, many continue by completing a Diploma of Building and Construction (Building). This course furthers the content taught in the Certificate IV course, and aims to solidify current knowledge whilst providing new areas for education.


Ultimately, the course you choose to enrol in will be the basis for how your career in construction pans out, especially considering the area you find most interesting.


Practical experience


In addition to everything listed, involvement in construction through being an apprentice of some sort is a must in construction. In conjunction with gaining qualifications, it is key to ensuring entrance into the industry. The process of learning by doing is particularly evident in this area of work, where physical labor is just as, if not more important than the mental aspects. 


In attempting to research and understand these different facets, you will enable yourself to become engrossed in construction and ultimately lay out a pathway for success and fruitful employment experiences.


Parker Brent is an accredited course provider, specialising in the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) and Diploma of Building and Construction (Building). Get into contact with us today for more details here.