Key Changes to Owner Builder Requirements

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) have recently refined the requirements for Owner Builders. The key change is that the VBA will now accept Construction Induction Cards (White Cards) from interstate regulators as guided by WorkSafe Victoria. Previously, the VBA only accepted Construction Induction Cards (White Cards) issued by WorkSafe Victoria for Owner Builders.


To become an Owner Builder in Victoria, you will need to complete an eLearning Assessment, provide evidence of a Construction Induction Card (White Card) either from WorkSafe Victoria or an interstate equivalent, and then apply for a Certificate of Consent.


As an Owner Builder, you have a similar responsibilities to those of a Registered Building Practitioner. These responsibilities include:


  • Obtaining and complying with a building permit
  • Arranging for certification of completed work
  • Ensuring that all building work complies with the Australian Standards and National Construction Codes
  • Ensuring that the worksite is safe and that all workers are safe
  • Ensuring appropriate insurance policies are in place for the building project
  • Knowing and adhering to your obligations once the building work is completed


In 2016, the VBA introduced legislative changes whereby an Owner Builder in Victoria can only build or renovate one house every five years and must intend to live in it once completed. The VBA have informed that further changes will be implemented during 2017 and 2018. For more information visit the VBA website.


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