Updates to the Renewal Process for your Builders Registration

Updates to the renewal process for your Builders Registration with the VBA


The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) recently made changes to the title of the Annual Renewal Form to better reflect the language used in Part 11 of The Building Act 1993 (The Act). As part of these recent changes, Registered Building Practitioners have been introduced to the new five-year registration renewal process.


Earlier this year, the VBA made plans to contact Registered Building Practitioners in relation to the changeover plan for five-year registrations. The five-year registration period was introduced on 1 September 2016 and it means that all existing practitioners (who were registered prior to 1 September 2016) will be transitioning to a five-year registration period.


As of 1 July 2017, the changeover will take place. However, this will happen over five years, from 1 July 2017 until 30 June 2022 so that not all practitioners are affected at once.


Registered Building Practitioners were contacted by the VBA in February this year explaining when their changeover will take place and what to do to renew their registration for a further five years.


All Registered Building Practitioners will still need to pay an annual fee (except for the year they renew for a further five years) and provide proof of insurance (if required) every 12 months.


For Registered Building Practitioners, it is important that you update and maintain your registration. 


You will need to:


  1. Keep your registration current by completing the annual fee and insurance check.
  2. Renew your registration every five years by completing the ‘Five Year Registration Renewal Application Form’.
  3. If you were registered prior to 1 September 2016, you will need to continue to complete the annual fee and insurance check and wait until the VBA advises you to renew your registration for five years.


The VBA have published an article on their website to help explain the new process. To view the article please visit the VBA website.



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