The House With No Bills

As part of Mirvac’s sustainability strategy, Melbourne will have it’s first “House with No Bills” built later in the year. The Cheltenham development on Jack Road will deliver a home that will run without energy or gas bills.


The home will look, feel and operate as a typical home with some changes that reduce the reliance on the traditional utility bills. The home will have increased roof insulation and solar PV panels, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, smart metering and monitoring systems which will assist homeowners in keeping track of where and how their energy is being used.


Mirvac will house a key family worker and their family in the “House with No Bills” home to monitor and assess how the energy is used on daily consumption and how the house design and associated sustainable technology performs. By the data gathered, Mirvac will be able to analyse it’s findings and provide the best home model for development on a wider scale.


This will be phase 1 of the Zero Cost Electricity & Gas A Study. This is an important step providing future development towards creating affordable energy efficient communities across Australia. Phase 2 will involve exploring opportunities for Zero Cost Water & Waste.


Click here to read the full media release from Mirvac.


Sources: Mirvac



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