What is a Certificate IV in Building and Construction?

Building and construction is one of the largest sectors of the economy. Many aspire to build a career in this area, taking up roles such as tradespeople, owner builders, site managers etc. A key aspect to obtaining such roles is having the right education, as it is all too easy to take part in unqualified studies and miss out on job opportunities as a consequence.


There are many courses available which can help you to develop knowledge and skill in construction, and one such course is the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC 40110). But what exactly is it?


Certificate IV is a level of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which is used to separate qualifications in education and training, classified as levels. Out of 10 levels, Certificate IV is the fourth, and represents a general rise in education standards from the previous three levels. There are courses of different areas in this level, and building and construction is one of them that features prominently.


The course itself comprises of 16 units, with 13 of them being core and the other 3 being elective. The topics covered include but are not limited to:


  • Applying building codes and standards to construction processes
  • Managing occupational health and safety (OH&S)
  • Conducting on-site supervision of projects
  • Reading and interpreting plans and specifications
  • Arranging for building applications and approvals



What CPC40110 aims to do, through these areas and many more, is enable you with skills in planning projects, applying codes and regulations, and managing resources effectively. It also seeks to enhance your knowledge in building and construction to an advanced level, which drastically increases chances of landing job opportunities. Roles commonly sought after and filled upon completion of this course include contract administrators, estimators, site supervisors etc. 




In terms of requirements, students must possess a satisfactory level of English literacy, as well as a current construction induction card (commonly referred to as a White Card).


Students will also be able to attend classes which introduce and teach topics and at later points provide assessments, and perform a minimum of two hours of their own research. The time taken to complete the course is roughly 34 weeks, which takes into consideration the amount of content needed to learn before one is adequately trained to the level required for Certificate IV. 


Many who finish CPC40110 go on to do higher education studies such as a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree to open up more doors for employment and progress faster through the construction industry. Ultimately, this isn’t a requirement for everyone, as CPC40110 serves well in its role of providing quality training and knowledge which in turn enables students to gain qualifications which employers would be looking for. 


CPC40110 is a course which will prepare you for a career in building and construction and the road that awaits you. Parker Brent offers this course, providing quality training resources and dedicated teachers tasked with helping you succeed. For more information, head to www.parkerbrent.com.au/courses to find out more.