Builders – Why you need to be Registered

In Victoria, you must be registered with the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) as a Registered Building Practitioner to:

  • Perform domestic building work that costs more than $5,000 which also includes the cost of labour and materials
  • Carry our re-blocking, re-stumping or demolishing work, remove a home or carry out any building work that requires a permit, regardless of the cost
  • Provide more than one type of building work (such as plastering and painting) that costs more than $5000 (including the cost of labour and materials)


As per the Victorian Building Regulations 2006, there are nine different categories of Building Practitioner which include Builder – Domestic Builder.

There are three Domestic Building classes in which you can apply to register:

  • Domestic Builder (Limited)
  • Domestic Builder (Unlimited)
  • Domestic Builder (Manager)


Do you have the skills, knowledge and experience to apply for registration as a Domestic Builder? We suggest you read the Practitioner’s Guide to registration on the VBA website¬†– “What is Domestic Building Work?


The skills, knowledge and experience you would need for a Domestic Builder (Unlimited) registration are:

  1. Knowledge/Qualifications – successfully completed the CPC50210 Diploma of Building & Construction (Building) or a Degree in Building. This will satisfy the knowledge required for registration.
  2. Experience/Skills – you must be able to demonstrate at least three years of relevant experience related to carrying out, managing and arranging the carrying out of all stages on the construction of homes.
  3. Knowledge and application of Australian Standards and Regulations


Of course, Insurance applies for domestic building work worth more than $16,000. If you are planning to undertake building work worth more than $16,000 you will need Domestic Building Insurance that will cover the costs up to $300,000 to fix structural defects for six year, and non-structural defects for two years.


To learn more about Building Registration and what’s involved visit the VBA website and keep updated with our blog for all the latest information.


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