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Government Supported Training

The best place to start when exploring your training options is to find out if you are eligible for a government-subsidised training place.

Skills First is an exciting opportunity for you to further develop your skills and upgrade your qualifications. Through this funding program, you can acquire new and valuable skills to help you get the job you want or to help you grow and develop your own business. The qualifications you can study with Parker Brent can help you move into Site Management, Contract Administration, Estimating, Project Management or even help you prepare to become a Registered Building Practitioner.

With Skills First funding, eligible participants can gain access to Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding to assist them with the costs of their training and education.

To find out if you’re eligible for Government Funding you can check out the online Funding Eligibility Indicator here or call us on 1300 773 737 to discuss your options.

For further information on course fees, refer to our fee information or course information.


Why Study With Parker Brent

At Parker Brent we provide training to people working in the Building and Construction Industry who are looking to upgrade their skills and qualifications.

By undertaking training with us, you can:

  • Develop and upgrade your skills and knowledge in the building and construction management
  • Acquire Nationally Recognised Qualifications in the Building and Construction Industry
  • Prepare yourself with skills and knowledge which contribute towards becoming a Registered Building Practitioner


The qualifications we offer are designed for people seeking to develop their skills in supervision, management, technical skills and for those wishing to gain industry credentials.

Our courses are all taught by experienced trainers who are also highly qualified building practitioners.

The qualifications we offer are:


Parker Brent delivers training in the evening with classes running across a range of areas in Melbourne. With Skills First now is a great time to get started and get you closer to reaching your career goals!

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