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Building professionals

Career Changers

Women in Construction

You are likely to be working in the building and construction industry and hoping to gain extra skills or perhaps you are preparing to apply for a builders registration license. If this describes you, then you are in the right place.
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Funding for your studies

Funding is available for eligible Victorians (subject to meeting eligibility requirements). For full fee paying applicants, a payment plan will be structured for you.

Government Supported Training

Why choose Parker Brent?

Since 2002, Parker Brent has been helping people change and improve their careers by providing education that meets their goals.

Real Life Virtual Experience

Visual and engaging learning resources
using latest technology.


Learn, Play, Learn

Online simulations that bring the construction site into your living room.


Free access

to a world-class construction software www.wunderbuild.com to help equip you for the digital world.


Access to expert industry

Access to expert industry-based trainers from anywhere across Australia.


Goal-oriented learning

Our studies are suited for those with a goal in mind. Having a clear goal to achieve is the path to success.


Learn to use world-class software for your construction projects

Technology in the building and construction industry is here. From the use of drones, 3D homebuilds, modular construction, virtual reality and site sensors, the builder of today is also serving increasingly tech-savvy customers. The construction process is supported by software whose application will become universal.


Parker Brent has partnered with Wunderbuild to bring you world-class software built for Australian builders to manage construction projects from takeoff to final invoice. While studying at Parker Brent, you will have access to the software to use as you learn.


Go to www.wunderbuild.com for more information on the software.

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