Benefits Of Becoming A Registered Building Practitioner

What are some of the key benefits of becoming a Registered Building Practitioner?


There are many people who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working as a building contractor. Every job you take on presents its own challenges and rewards. Being a Registered Building Practitioner will allow you to take on larger jobs, which is certainly one of the key benefits.


In Victoria, there are a number of categories you can be registered in both Domestic and Commercial Building. There are two categories of Domestic Builder Registration: Domestic Builder (Unlimited) and Domestic Builder (Limited). There is also a Project Manager (Domestic) category of registration for those people who may oversee and manage the building project.


The Domestic Builder (Unlimited) registration allows the builder to perform, manage or arrange the carrying out of all components of domestic building work for the construction, renovation, improvement or maintenance of a home. They are also able to use of unregistered tradespeople to carry out the work, provided they are being overseen by the builder themselves.


The Domestic Builder (Limited) registration allows the builder to carry out, manage or arrange the carrying out of one or more (but not all components) of domestic building work as specified in their certificate of registration.


The Project Manager (Domestic) registration is for a Person Responsible for a Building Project and allows this person to manage and arrange for a registered practitioner to undertake one of more of the components of domestic building work as specified in their certificate of registration. This person cannot carry out the domestic building work themselves, or arrange for unregistered builders to carry out the work. Building Surveyors are not able to provide building permits to practitioners registered within this class. Also, people registered as a Project Manager (Domestic) are not able to enter major domestic building contracts. This is due to the legislative changes that came into effect 1 July 2017.


If you are a Registered Building Practitioner you will have the ability to take on jobs over the value of $10,000. You will also have the option to take on jobs using a variety of skills such as plastering and painting provided you are registered within these categories. It is important to note that for any building work being done over the value of $10,000, a domestic building contract must be entered by the builder and consumer. The benefit of entering a domestic building contract for both the builder and consumer, are that both are protected in case any disputes arise during the building process.


Property Developers who manage the sale and development of land do not need to be registered. Rather, they will need to work with a Registered Builder who will then undertake and oversee any building work involved.


For any building work over the value of $16,000 the Registered Builder must be covered by Domestic Building Insurance. Having Domestic Building Insurance certainly provides more security and assurance to consumers.


By hiring a Registered Building Practitioner consumers are guaranteed they are dealing with a legitimate business. They know that the tradesperson they have hired has the right skills and qualifications for the job which also gives them more confidence and piece-of-mind that job will be completed to a high standard.


All Registered Builders are listed in the Victorian Building Authority database and are also required to carry their registration identification whilst working at all times. This allows consumers to check out who their builder is, again providing them with much more confidence.


So if you’re looking to take on a new challenge and interested in finding out more about what’s involved be sure to contact us.