Building Regulations 2018 Overview

The Building Regulations 2018 commenced on 2 June 2018. Changes have been made to the documentation of permits to improve information for the regulator, the general public and building owners. The new Regulations have also been designed to improve fire safety in multi-storey residential buildings.


The 10 key areas of regulatory change are:


1.New forms and further requirements to make sure that the permits, orders and notices include the information that is needed.


2. The Regulations have been modernised for the electronic use of documents for permits.


3. Updated requirements for the chief officer, Registered Building Surveyors and Building Practitioners in relation to documenting performance solutions.


4. New building permit reporting requirements commencing on 1 July 2019.


5. New obligations for the Registered Building Surveyor to provide notice 30 days prior to a building permit lapsing to minimise lapsed permits.


6. Clear obligations on the Registered Building Surveyor and the owner to inform the adjoining owner about protection work.


7. Introducing a new mandatory notification stage and inspections if the building work includes fire and smoke resistant building elements, which are lightweight construction in multi-storey residential buildings, and service penetrations in multi-storey residential and healthcare buildings. The Regulations also clarify the prescribed mandatory notification stages for demolition work or the construction of a pool.


8. The Regulations clarify the obligations of owners in relation to ESM maintenance, and encourage the uptake of maintenance schedules to simplify information for the owner. They also clarify the notification requirements in relation to pool barriers.


9. As-of-right construction of a Class 10a building with a floor area not exceeding 10m2 on undeveloped land.


10. Formalising the process for granting a determination to treat two or more allotments as a single allotment for the purpose of a building permit application.



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