Domestic Builder Limited – Bathroom, Kitchen or Laundry Renovation

What work can be undertaken by a Domestic Builder (limited to bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation)?


A Domestic Builder (limited) is limited to a class of work. In this case, the domestic building is limited to bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation for homes. The work involves building, renovating or repairing domestic wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or laundries. It is important to note that these works must not exceed beyond the existing walls, floor and/or ceiling.


Included in the works is any site works, work required to gain access to the site, the removal or any impediments to access the site, and the replacement of walls.



What experience is required to apply to become a Domestic Builder (limited to bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation)?


For all domestic building work, general experience is required. You can find out more information regarding the general experience in our ‘What General Experience is Required for Registration as a Domestic Builder‘ blog.


There is also work specific experience which is required. When applying for builders registration, you must be able to demonstrate you have the capacity to carry out, manage or arrange the following activities with a high level of competence and to a professional standard:


  • coordinating and supervising sub-trades
  • demolishing an existing bathroom, kitchen or laundry showing knowledge of asbestos containing materials
  • altering or constructing all framing and ceilings
  • installing fixtures such as baths, shower bases and the like
  • installing all wall and ceiling linings, including wet area lining
  • selecting appropriate waterproofing and applying waterproofing systems to the bathroom, kitchen or laundry
  • altering winds and/or doors
  • installing or repairing wall and/or floor tiling, including splashbacks
  • installing joinery for basins, sinks, troughs, WC suites, tapware, floor wastes etc.
  • coordinating and supervising required trades for altering sanitary plumbing, water, gas, drainage and electrical works
  • installing shower screens and mirrors
  • installing all ancillary hardware
  • undertaking plastering
  • undertaking painting


In addition to the general and work specific experience, it is recommended that applicants hold prescribed qualifications as mentioned in our ‘Pathways to Builders Registration‘ blog.


To find out more information on your pathway towards Builders Registration or the CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) qualification contact Parker Brent on 1300 773 737 or send us a web enquiry or email


Source: Victorian Building Authority