Mambourin, New Suburb On The Rise

Mambourin, a new community and suburb in Melbourne’s outer west is on the rise. Currently, home to just 4 people, this new suburb is set to be home to more than 16,000 new residents.


Developer, Country Gardens Australia, has recently announced its plans for the 363 hectare parcel of land located 40 km from Melbourne’s CBD. Their plans are to develop a new community known as Windermere which will include 4500 new homes will will house up to 12,500 new residents. The Windermere community will be made up of medium-density housing and will include office space, retail space, two public primary schools, one public secondary school and one private secondary school.


Another 115 hectares of vacant land in Mambourin is set to be developed by Frasers Property Australia and is expected to be home to 3500 residents by the time the 1200-lot development is complete. The develop will take place over 8 years.


Stage 1 of this project has been approved by Wyndham City Council and is set to be done by the end of this year or early 2019. This stage includes 60 residential lots and 5.4 hectares of wetlands, a park with a playground, fitness facilities and walking and cycling paths.


Mambourin Melbourne
Frasers Property Australia, Mambourin Melbourne


The suburb of Mambourin will be accessible by train via a new planned railway station on the existing Regional Rail Link. However, not all workers will need to commute to Melbourne each day for work as there will be a number of employment opportunities within Mambourin itself. A new supermarket, 50 specialty stores, an entertainment precinct and cinema are expected to create a number of local jobs which residents will be able to access with ease.


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