Healthy Outlook For Residential Construction In Melbourne

The outlook for residential construction in Melbourne is looking healthy.

The Victorian Government has recently announced its plans to re-zone 100,000 lots of land within two years in Melbourne’s key growth areas to create 17 new suburbs. This gives us a positive outlook for residential construction in Melbourne. Blocks of land will be placed on the market between now and next year, and the Victorian Government will be investing in town centres, schools and other facilities to foster real communities within these developing suburbs.


The 17 new suburbs will be carved out of the Cardinia, Casey, Hume, Melton, Mitchell, Whittlesea and Wyndham corridors.


New Suburbs

West of Melbourne:

Quandong, Tarneit Plains, Mt Atkinson, Plumpton


North-west of Melbourne:

Lancefield Rd Sunbury, Sunbury South


North of Melbourne:

Lindum Vale, Beveridge North West, Beveridge Central, Donnybrook and Woodstock, Wollert, Northern Quarries


South-east of Melbourne:

Minta Farm, Pakenham East, McPherson


The construction industry in Australia is the third largest industry, employing more than 1 million workers. That’s 9% of National Employment. There is a projected increase of 8.3% in employment to come over the next 5 years. With planned growth corridors in Melbourne, there will be many more employment opportunities arising within the construction industry.


More than half of the workers within the construction industry are technicians or trade workers. With the number of jobs set to increase there is going to be a need not only for technicians and trade workers, but also Site Managers, Project Managers and Construction Managers as well as other building and construction professionals.


To stay ahead in this growing industry, it’s important to develop and maintain your skills and knowledge. By undertaking a course or gaining a qualification in building and construction you can develop the right skills to advance your career.



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