Student Journey – Ernie Sellitti

There was a point where Ernie Sellitti thought that he was going to be a bricklayer for his entire life, but there was always a burning desire to fulfil his ambition of becoming a builder. The only question – how?


After studying Civil Engineering, Ernie joined his father’s bricklaying business. He then had the opportunity to work for a residential builder as a Site Supervisor but found he needed further training in areas of construction to improve on the work sites.


Ernie made enquiries to training organisations who provided courses in Building and Construction, but found many were delivered online. Ernie felt he wanted to attend classes, and the Parker Brent timetable suited him well.


“When I attended my first class I was a bit unsure about what to expect and wondered whether I would be studying with students who knew a lot about building and construction. But to my surprise, most of the students were also tradesmen who wanted to learn about construction as much as I did. 


It was challenging at times, balancing assessment tasks with work and family. But what kept me motivated was my ambition of becoming a builder. It was something that I had always wanted to achieve. I certainly learnt that if you’re determined in achieving any goal, you will have the inner drive to work at things every single day regardless of any challenges you’re confronted with. 


My trainer was also very helpful in advising me how to set aside time each day to research and complete and assessment tasks which in itself taught me about time management and project management. Two important necessities you need to have as a builder. 


What I enjoyed most about the course was learning about the Building Regulations as it was topic that I wanted to improve on so that I could apply it on-site as a Site Supervisor. As a result, my colleagues and clients are now taking me more seriously as I’ve been able to apply at work what I’ve learnt in my studies with Parker Brent. It has truly given me a new level of professional confidence.”


Courses Studied with Parker Brent:



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