Top 10 Construction Skills Needed to Get a Job

The construction industry is incredibly diverse. This is represented in many ways. For instance, there are a plethora of jobs that can be found in construction, and each can differ in one way or another. A construction manager will not have the same daily tasks as a joiner. This very diversification contributes to the thriving nature that exists within the construction industry. 


But with different jobs comes different requirements. Considering that a construction manager and joiner do not do the same job, they would need to have specific skill sets to be competent at their roles. Whilst many start at the same point when completing education in construction, their specialised areas will inevitably lead them to disperse as they develop. 


However, there are still important skills that every construction professional should have and are transferable into most if not all jobs within the industry. Here are the top 10 construction skills needed to get a job.



1.Physical Ability


Perhaps the most important skill of all, being competent in this area is the main key to successfully obtaining a job in construction. Construction work is physically demanding. This is what sets it apart from other industries. Therefore, you need to be adept at performing roles that require you to extensively move around for long hours of the day. Strength is one component, as you will need to be able to lift things, build etc., but also stamina considering the fact that you will most likely be constantly moving, climbing etc. throughout the day. You should also be able to maintain proper posture and form when undertaking labour to prevent injuries and permanent physical damage.



2.Building and Engineering Knowledge


This skill is arguably just as important as the physical side. Technical ability is the difference maker in successfully completing projects. Part of the reason why construction projects fail is because the workers involved did not receive proper training and therefore could not complete their tasks satisfactorily. Depending on your area of expertise, it is imperative that you have mastered the things you were taught to be a reliable member of a construction project. Some common skills seen across many different roles include:


  • Surveying
  • Demolition
  • Plumbing
  • Framing
  • Roofing


These are just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, there are significantly more skills throughout the many diversified roles in construction that you should master to be competent enough to get a job.


3.Reading and mathematics skills


Somewhat linked to the previous skill of building and engineering knowledge, construction professionals will need to have developed extensive reading and maths skills to be eligible to get jobs. 


Construction is more than just physical labour. It also involves technical analysis to create and bring plans to fruition. From a mathematical perspective, you need to be able to do calculations and work out precise measurements for different parts of a construction job. To be able to do this, you will need to have developed skills in general maths, algebra and geometry to be competent. 


From a reading perspective, understanding and comprehending information is important. As a construction professional, you will be dealing with lots of paperwork, blueprints, documents etc. Therefore, you will need to be able to read and comprehend information to an advanced level. 





Being able to recall certain things is a great skill to have in construction to be able to get a job. In construction, you will most certainly be dealing with a lot of information, and what will aid you is the ability to remember the things that are important whether that be tasks, processes or conversations with other professionals. This will hold you in good stead as employers recognise memory as a skill because it means that you can be relied upon to retain important information.





Communication has direct links to successful completion of construction projects. Developing and exhibiting rapport among your collaborators through the mode of communication means that there will likely be no stones left unturned in the delivery of projects.


Generally speaking, poor communication will lead to future problems such as reworks. When good communication does not exist, or only exists in spades, deadlines are not met and expectations for completion are far from what was intended originally. 


Good communication is not only a requirement for the leaders of a project; but the team as a whole, and yourself in getting a job. Understanding how to effectively share information, give instruction, explain aspects of the project etc. is how a team is able to reach deadlines and ensure quality and safety standards have been met. Without this skill, construction projects are doomed to fail, as it may result in reworks needing to be completed. 



6.Technology skills


This skill can be applied to your process in obtaining a job within construction.Such technologies like applications with software to enhance processes, artificial intelligence to improve productivity, and even virtual reality, all are being slowly incorporated, and having the skills to proficiently interact with these is a big plus.


For others who aren’t as focused on this type of skill, it is still important to be aware of these developments, and be willing to experiment with some of them. For instance, construction management software is becoming frequently used, and is something that should be learnt if you are working on projects frequently. 




As we have touched on earlier in the blog, understanding and comprehending information is important to getting a job in construction. Going further along this narrative, utilising these skills to break down issues and find solutions to them is a skill that employers actively look out for. 



8. Decision-making


Acting fast and thinking on your feet is a skill that will also help you to get a job in construction. Every construction worker should be able to think fast and act accordingly as situations can quickly change within projects. 



9. Teamwork


As a construction professional, you will most likely be working with others, who may or may not be in the same field of expertise as you. Therefore it is imperative that you are able to collaborate well with your colleagues as this is a skill looked at with interest. Teamwork is at the heart of success, and being able to replicate this skill consistently is needed to getting a job. 


10. Willingness to learn


No one begins working in construction as an expert. You will fail. You will make mistakes. This is part of being human. Employers appreciate humility and the drive to become better. Try to emulate these characteristics as they will be looked at with great consideration as you look to get a job in construction. 


These are the top 10 skills in construction needed to get a job. There are many other skills that you could obtain, but becoming adept at these as a starting point will propel you to honing your craft and subsequently getting a job. 


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