Tradies! 6 Reasons You Should Be Registered

6 Reasons Why You Should Be A Registered Building Practitioner


1.  Take On Larger Jobs

By being Registered with the Victorian Building Authority as a Domestic Builder, you will have the opportunity to take on projects with the value of building work over $5,000. By law, you are unable to take on these projects if you are not Registered. The $5,000 limit includes both labour and materials.


2.  Take On Jobs Using A Variety Of Skills

In Victoria, you are restricted to undertake one type of building work unless you are a Registered Building Practitioner. The types of work you can take on will depend on the category you are Registered within.


3.  A Binding Contract With Customers

As a Registered Building Practitioner, for all works over the value of $5,000 you are required to enter a Domestic Building Contract between yourself and your client. This contract will provide both yourself and your customer security in case any disputes arise during the building process.


4.  Provide Customers With Confidence

By hiring a Registered Building Practitioner, customers are guaranteed they are dealing with a legitimate business. They know that the tradesperson they have hired has the right skills and qualifications for the job. This will give them more confidence and piece-of-mind that the job will be completed to a high standard.


5.  Manage And Grow Your Business

By being a Registered Building Practitioner you have the opportunity to grow your business by taking on major projects and in turn increase your revenue.


6.  Challenge Yourself

A job can be a challenge but when it’s enjoyable, stimulating and exciting it certainly becomes more than a job. Taking on a new challenge will not only improve your career performance, but also provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills and future prospects.


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