What is a construction management course?

Working in management in construction is a stepping stone that many seek to reach. It involves significantly more responsibility when working on projects, as you are in control of many different aspects of the construction process such as labour, planning, cost management etc.


Reaching this point in the industry requires considerable experience and studies completed, as you would be accountable for not only your own progress, but others as well. A course in construction management is bound to provide ample learning objectives for you to develop skills in leading projects. 


Currently, there isn’t a dedicated course specifically for construction management, however there are some courses that cover the necessary topics to enable you to aim for employment opportunities in construction management, with one in particular that delves deep into the important aspects of the role. 


Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)

The most useful course for entering into construction management is the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) course. It is considered an advanced course in construction, representing a significant rise in the level of content taught from the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) course. 

The Diploma of Building and Construction is fundamental to being able to work in construction management, as it enables you to become qualified for roles with added responsibility such as a Site Manager or Project Manager. 

This course has a total of 18 units, with 13 of them being core and the other 3 elective. Throughout this course, you will find that many units provide scope in learning that tenders to construction management. 


construction management course


For instance, you will learn how to manage project quality and risk. This involves applying principles of OHS risk management to ensure safety standards are accounted for, whilst also accounting for risk in managing timelines, costs etc. to ultimately satisfy quality requirements. 


Managing costs effectively is also an important component of construction management, as it involves acquiring appropriate resources that fit within budgets. The course teaches you how to identify and produce estimated costs for projects, which could include labour, capital resources etc. 


Another important part of construction management is applying building codes and standards, particularly to low rise building projects. The Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) will teach you how to implement this when managing construction projects. Part of this is expanded in other units where you will be taught how to supervise the planning of projects, apply structural principles to the construction of low and medium-rise buildings, and apply site surveys and set out procedures.


Construction management is an area of the industry highly sought after for employment. The responsibilities and tasks that come with the role demand a high standard of knowledge, and gaining this in studies such as undertaking a Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) is essential to fulfilling these features of the role. 


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