What is a Diploma of Building and Construction?

Construction courses are vast, with each varying in levels of difficulty and suitability. One such course is the Diploma of Building and Construction (also known as CPC50210). But what is this course and what does it entail? 


To understand CPC50210, it is first important to know what a Diploma is. A Diploma is a level of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which is used to separate qualifications in education and training, classified as levels. Out of 10 levels, the Diploma is the fifth, and represents a general rise in education standards from the previous levels. 


There are courses of different areas in this level, and building and construction is one of them that features prominently. 


The Diploma of Building and Construction includes 18 units, with 13 of them being core and the other 5 being elective. Various areas are covered such as:


  • Applying principles of OHS risk management
  • Controlling project quality and risk
  • Applying building codes and standards to construction processes
  • Applying site surveys and set out procedures
  • Managing environmental and energy conservation practices and processes



The course lasts for 50 weeks, covering many topics such as the ones mentioned above. Students will need to reserve a minimum of 2 hours per week of self-directed research, supplementing classes which will be supervised by a Trainer. 


Diploma of Building and Construction

In terms of requirements, applicants must be at a suitable level of English language, with satisfactory literacy and numeracy skills. They must also possess a current Construction Induction Card (also known as a white card) and must have access to a building and construction project worksite.


Diploma of Building and Construction (CPC50210) provides students with classes where topics will be brought up and discussed, as well as the opportunity to solve problems and undertake assessments. As this is an advanced course, it is generally aimed at tradespeople and other employed people in the construction industry who are looking to advance their skills in management and development of residential/low-rise construction. Students who undertake this course will generally look to progress to roles such as Site Manager, Project Manager or Domestic Builder.


This course has many benefits. Above all, it helps to increase your job prospects in the construction industry, giving you an advantage over others at lower educational levels. It also will aid you in gaining knowledge to be able to successfully make a Domestic Builder Unlimited (DB-U) application.


Diploma of Building and Construction (CPC50210) is a course that can significantly develop your career in construction, propelling you through the industry and providing more rewarding opportunities for employment. Parker Brent offers Diplomas of Building and Construction, and will provide you with quality training resources and teachers which will help you to succeed. For more information, head to www.parkerbrent.com.au/courses.


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