What is an owner builder course?

Conducting construction-related work on one’s own land is a process many people undertake in Victoria, and the sense of freedom and personal success that comes with it is a bonus. Despite this, there are many boxes that must be ticked off before you can become an owner builder, as the process required for being able to do specific building and construction are not exactly straightforward. This is where an owner builder course comes in, which will provide you with the necessary qualifications. But what exactly is it?


An owner builder course is a compliance course that gives you the license to become an owner builder. Upon completion of the course, it allows you to take responsibility for construction that is initiated on your domestic property. 


The owner builder course begins with understanding what being an owner builder means, and the legal aspects behind it, such as what classifies you as an owner builder, the type of work permitted, and risks and costs associated. It can be confusing to understand whether the work you do is part of being an owner builder, and this construction course seeks to alleviate those concerns.


There are also many technical aspects of being an owner builder, which are covered in the building course. You will be able to learn how to obtain a building permit, which gives authorisation to commence construction on domestic property, as well as when and where permits are appropriate. 



Also featured is inspection of work, and essentially details how surveyors go about ensuring building work meets the established standards. In addition, the course covers the process of dealing with outside factors, such as delegating and outsourcing work like insulation, painting or plumbing. 


Taking part in an owner builder permit course will also help you to understand the relationship you will have with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), who are the state’s building regulator. compliance rules administered by the VBA which you will learn how to account for. At completion of the course, you will be directed by the VBA to do an eLearning Assessment, which validates the learning you received from taking the builders course.


An owner builder course is a sure way to help you become an owner builder, and it provides the knowledge and framework needed to be able to fulfill your desire to undertake building and construction on your property. 


Parker Brent offers courses that enable you to become an owner builder. Visit our courses page at https://www.parkerbrent.com.au/blog/course/ to find out more.