Why construction is a great trade: 7 benefits of working as a builder

The amount of industries in Australia could be acutely described as significant. As a nation geared towards being in the top brass of performers in terms of economic growth, it makes sense that there is variety for employers, job seekers and the like. From technology to mining, there is a significant presence of many of the world’s major industries within Australia. For a lot of people this is either exciting or daunting. 


From the perspective of job seekers, this is encouraging. Such variability cannot be found in many countries, and the fact it exists in Australia means more optimism from those looking to work. Even skilled workers migrate in order to take advantage of these benefits. The workforce is ever-growing, and now that the pandemic has lessened in impact over time we are now beginning to see more people returning to work and looking for new opportunities. 


But with variability comes choice. Deciding what industry to work in and what area to specialise in is no easy feat. You could almost say that the direct consequence of having many industries is that a lot of people will not know how to proceed with their careers as they don’t know where to start.


One industry that is indicative of choice and diversification is construction. One of the largest industries in the country, Australia relies on building and construction to produce favourable economic outcomes. 


What job seekers will find with construction is the very variability discussed above, but in a much smaller context. Whilst no two jobs are the same, the functions and general principles underlined within the industry bleed into different service areas. For example, a common job is that of a builder, which has its own further specialised jobs however most builders fall under this category.


But why is construction, and by extension building, so great? Here are 7 benefits of working as a builder.



Develop and nurture physical attributes


Working out is an activity many enjoy. But not many get to work out and work at the same time. Builders, however, are afforded this luxury. The job of a builder is not necessarily easy. It features long hours, continuous planning and constant movement. But from movement comes an opportunity to increase your fitness levels. As a builder, you can expect to be lifting and pushing things from one end to another, as well as walking. This is a useful way of getting work done and improving your fitness levels, which also has a direct affect on your levels of happiness. 



Job stability


In many industries, there is uncertainty around certain areas and lines of work for a variety of reasons. Employers might have low demand for specific jobs which could contrast high demand by workers, or perhaps there is a high percentage of redundancy. In construction, this is not as much of an issue. Especially in the case of builders, there is greater job security. In fact, the building and construction industry has some of the highest rates of employment in Australia. It is a testament to the figures who hire new staff as well as the culture that exists within construction that jobs are being created and filled at a positive rate. 

why construction is a great trade

Contribute to the community and society


It is often understated how much impact builders have on society at large. Without builders, we would not have infrastructure for use, which would prevent society from functioning properly. Builders continue to develop and create and we are the ones who benefit from these positive externalities. 


What you can gain from becoming a builder is the recognition of having had a hand in projects that impact people’s livelihood and wellbeing. This emotional aspect is what can carry you to bigger and better projects that people will appreciate and thank you for. The opportunity for contribution is ever-present. 



Flexibility of location


Building isn’t bound to one area, region or country. If you received your licence in Victoria, you are not forced to perform works in the state. In reality, you can travel to different countries to be part of projects that are global. Unlike some other industries, construction allows you to take your talents to new and exciting places. You can use the opportunities afforded to you to explore what is on offer and ultimately broaden your horizons. 



You can build your own home


Yes, you read that correctly. As a certified builder, you can develop your own property and perform your own works. Many people feel chained to the options available to them, as they may not be able to properly articulate specific things they want incorporated as ideas into their own property. But as a builder, you can be your own guide, set your own objectives, and build your own home. If there is more consultation required, you can call on people from other areas of construction you may have worked with to use as hire or simple advice. You may have wondered why builders usually have very pleasant homes. This is the answer. 



Early hours


The term “toxic work culture” is thrown around constantly between different industries. Long hours stretching into the evening is a grim reality for many, preventing them from enhancing their life.


On the other hand, most construction work is completed in daylight. Considering the time taken to complete projects, it is expected that work usually begins early in the morning. This is a great perk for morning people, as they can take advantage of the early hours to be as productive as possible. In addition to this, with early hours also come early finishes. This means you can clock off earlier in the day to spend time on the things you love to do. 



Develop network


A builder is only one profession in the construction industry. There are many others that differ significantly. For instance, the role and duties of a plumber is quite different to that of a carpenter. With that being said, becoming a builder will allow you to develop relationships with people of different backgrounds and qualifications. Building a network gives you greater assurance for the future as you will have expertise to call upon in any situation. 


Being a builder has many benefits. In truth, there are much more that we could delve into, but as a basis these 7 perks serve as evidence to the point that construction is a fantastic trade to be a part of. 


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