VBA – Building Regulations – Seminar Series

27 Apr

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) are hosting a series of seminar in relation to the new Building Regulations 2018.

All building practitioners, apprentices and industry stakeholders are invited to attend these sessions. The VBA’s technical and regulatory team will speak on upcoming changes to the building regulations and related matters that affect the building industry.

Sessions are filling out quickly, so get in quick and register to attend a session near you.

Click here for all sessions run by the VBA.


The new Building Regulations 2018 are set to come into effect on 2 June 2018. The new regulations will reflect the changing nature of the industry, equipment and methodology to deliver a better, more effective building industry that benefits both practitioners and consumers. The Building Regulations 2018 will replace the Building Regulations 2006 and the Building Interim Regulations 2017.

Click here to read about some of the changes introduced in the Building Regulations 2018.



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