Developing Effective Study Habits

Studying towards a qualification can present a range of new challenges – and if you’re studying and working at the same time, one of the biggest challenges can be finding the time and motivation.


Here are some great study habits you can adopt to help you manage your time and find the right balance.


Be open about your situation


Be realistic about your responsibilities to both your employer and your study commitments. Starting a course may mean you limit the amount of overtime work you take on, but letting your manager know about this early on will help manage their expectations. They may be happy to negotiate flexible hours with you to help you reach your study goals.



Space it out


Avoid cramming a week’s worth or study time into one session. Instead, aim to space your study out over the week into smaller regular sessions. You’ll retain more information, and you’ll be less likely to feel like your study is a burden to be squeezed into an already busy schedule.



Make the most of your class time


When you’re in class, make the most of these sessions. Use this time to ask questions and discuss topics with your classmates and trainer, and don’t forget to take notes. You’ll find you will retain more information through real-life discussions and examples.



Set mini goals


Part-time learning means you’ll need to maximise every hour you dedicate to study. Knowing what you want to achieve from each session and setting mini goals can help you stay on track and be more time efficient. It could be that you break down the assessments into four or five mini components and work through them in smaller stages.



Make some sacrifices


When you’re juggling part-time study with work as well as spending time with family and friends, you’re going to need to make some sacrifices. To avoid feeling like you’re missing out, try and make smart sacrifices so you can still enjoy time with family and friends. Many people find that skipping one hour of TV each night to be the best option – and with technology these days you can always catch up on your favourite show when your study hour is up.



Get the support of your team


Tell your family and friends about your reasons for studying, and ask for their support. If you’re balancing part-time study with work, family and other hobbies – work out a routine that will allow you to have some time each week to allow you to focus on your studies.



Remember that it’s only temporary


Think about your reasons for study – whether it’s to move into a new job, obtain your Builders Registration, or grow you own business – remind yourself that the small sacrifices you’re making now will pay off when your goals have been achieved.


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